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Prostate Pleasure Technique

G-spot for men? Does it exist?

Yes, it does. This is actually about the prostate gland which only men have, also called the "P-Spot". OK, let's have a look at a map of the male genital area.

prostate gland location

The prostate locates around 4 to 5 cm in from the anus. Just beneath the urinary bladder, the prostate secretes milky white fluid which constitutes the biggest part of the semen. From the anus, you can feel a slightly harder part, like a tip of the nose. it's about as big as a walnut however, just like the female G-spot, it will be enlarged or more sensible as it gets excites. Usually, the prostate gland will be more distinct when he's around his mid 30's.

What you can get from prostate massage.

Prostate massage was originally developed for medical purpose, to collect prostatic fluid and prevent prostatitis or urinate problems. At the same time, this involves a strong sensation. Usually the orgasm won't cause ejaculation (dry orgasm) so that men can have multiple orgasms. Some men can experience the orgasm instantly, some men needs some time to get one. However, if you feel pain when you massage the prostate, stop immediately and see a doctor. It might be prostatitis.

How to stimulate the prostate gland?

ANEROS MGX Classic Male Prostate Stimulator

The prostate can be reached from the anus so it can be difficult to find by his own finger. Try "Aneros", which was invented as a medical device and is now widely sold as a men's self pleasuring tool.
They have varieties of sizes and shapes, and are anatomically designed especially for prostate massage.

For passionate couples

Remember, both of you and your partner will need a bit of preparation to enjoy this new stage of your sex life.

Rule 1. Clean up the rectum a couple hours before.

"What if I accidentally...?"
 "Will it be messy with...?"
If he's nervous, he cannot be relaxed. It is very important to be ready and relaxed. Otherwise the anus will become stiff and it will be more difficult and painful. Clean up the rectum with an enema or an anal douche before and get ready without any worries.

Rule 2. Use disposable rubber gloves.

If you massage his prostate gland, try to use disposable rubber gloves to protect his sensitive area from any damage even by your nail. It's also useful for the sanitary purpose. You can remove the glove inside-out, and throw it away after use! Condom can be an alternative, and it's also good when you use an anal toy.

Rule 3. Slowly and gently.

It's not a good idea rushing to insert your finger into the anus. First, use plenty of lubricant on your finger and gently massage around the anus, then take a good long time for insertion.

Rule 4. No communication, no pleasure!

The anus is ringed by a bunch of muscles and he needs to be wholly relaxed to loosen them. Then he will be ready to accept the insertion. To achieve this, communication, both verbally and physically, is very important. Ask your partner if he's totally ready and trust you, and whether you both can go for it without one-sided excitement.

Lubricant is MUST!

Since the anus is not able to self-create any lubrication, you should use a lubricant. Start with a water-based lubricant and try a silicone-based lubricant when you desire longer lubrication.

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