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Sex Position

Sex Position

Kama Sutra's 69 ways, the 48 ways of traditional Japanese sex, and "I modi" (a.k.a The Sixteen Pleasures), the series of sexual art from the Italian Renaissance...
People created many variations of sex positions all over the the world. Does "the best position" exist? How about 
"the best position to get pregnant"? Well, it always depends. It could vary with your body size, vagina position, etc, etc. Here you learn the basic positions and their variations. Work out and discover the most fab position between you and your partner!

1. Missionary Position

The basic of the basic, probably most people started from here.


1. Close your legs a bit should it get painful.
2. Put your legs on your partner's shoulders (Viennese oyster position) to get a deeper insertion.
3. Penetrate completely then try up-and-down movement instead of in-and-out. Partner's pelvic bone will stimulate your clitoris which helps you to get an orgasm easier. Also, this stimulates your 
A-spot or P-spot.

Why it's called "missionary" anyways? This word was spread from Alfred Kinsey's sex report (the position was ridiculed as "missionaries" from a tribe) however it is just a mistranslation from old documents. Before the Kinsey's report, this style was called "the matrimonial" or "the English-American position".

2. Doggy style (Back style)

Like most animals do, this is the wildest and best style to reach to the deepest end of vagina and stimulate G-spot. If you cannot get satisfaction with missionary position, it's worth a try. On the other hand, you might feel pain from the penis poking the cervix. Ask your partner not to go so deep. Play around the shallow area and stimulate G-spot. Guys, if you find she's moving out, that means she's trying to avoid from the pain. Slow down.


  1. Let your legs wide open or stick out your bum to get a deeper insertion. If you feel pain, let your legs closed or, move to Spooning position.
  2. Put your bum up and your face down on a pillow. (Leapfrog position) You can be relaxed, so enjoy longer. 
  3. Standing back position is good in the small space like shower room.

3. Woman on top (Cowgirl)

Many women say this is the best position because they can control. However, you need to know the right way to move.


  1. Bend over and move your hip back and forth. Not up and down. This way, you can also give the clitoris a good stimulation.
  2. Use lubricant or massage oil on his belly and cover him with your body. Make sure it's slippery enough to slide your body with your arms.
  3. Try "reverse cowgirl". You can play with his balls or stimulate the clit with your finger at the same time.
  4. When you have the problem a trouble of the penis coming out, move to Sitting position.
  5. Since you are the one who has an initiative, it makes man easier to concentrate his feeling and control orgasm. Try this if your partner needs his ejaculation to delay.

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